7.957MW solar PV system installed for Guangzhou Dajin

7.957MW solar PV system installed for Guangzhou Dajin 1

On June 7, 2017, under the common witness of the State Grid and investors, another large roof photovoltaic power station, Guangzhou Dajin 7.957MW solar photovoltaic power station, built by five star company, was successfully connected to the grid. Five star has left a brilliant mark on the road of deep cultivation of intelligent distributed solar photovoltaic power station.

The power station is located in Guangzhou Conghua Pearl Industrial Park, which is the largest roof photovoltaic power station in the first photovoltaic demonstration area of Conghua City.

Although the construction period of the project is in the cold and humid rainy season, after more than four months of hard work, the project was finally completed with quality and quantity guaranteed. It has set a new record for the construction speed of five-star photovoltaic power station.

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