Our solar water heating system has been put into use in Vivo staff dormitory

Our solar water heating system has been put into use in Vivo staff dormitory

Recently, the solar water heating project, designed, manufactured and installed by Guangdong Five Star Solar Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Five Star”), was officially put into use to centrally supply hot water for the new dormitory of Vivo Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. The thermal effect is good, and the system operation indicators are fully up to standard.

The hot water system is installed on the roof of 8 dormitory buildings. The project adopts frame structure to install 3776 square meters of Five-Star solar flat panel collectors, supplemented by 48set Five-Star 40P air energy heat pump water heaters. The entire system produces 240 tons of hot water per day, which can meet the full-time and all-weather hot water demand of the employees in 8 buildings.

The reason why Vivo chose our “solar + air heat pump” coupling system was because of its high efficiency and energy-saving characteristics. Compared with similar systems, the Five-Star “solar + air source heat pump” has the lowest energy consumption and more stable performance. At the same time, the solar energy and heat pump coupling technology uses intelligent technology to solve the problem of energy complementarity. Five-Star’s 30 years of solar engineering practice has made the Five-Star “solar + heat pump” coupling technology very mature, and all the cases around the world have good performance.

As one of the top ten brand enterprises in the industry, Five-Star Solar Energy has won high praise from users at home and abroad by its rich product range, high-quality after-sales service, high-quality products and rich experience in hot water engineering construction,  and more than 60,000 hot water projects in normal operation around the world record the continuation and improvement of the quality of the Five-Star hot water project, The successful delivery of the solar hot water project in the dormitory of the Vivo company adds another highlight to the history of the Five-Star company’s hot water project.

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