In this Balcony system, a jacket is located at the water tank and connected to the solar collector. The sun’ heat is transferred to a anti-freezing fluid in the collector and the heat is exchanged from collector to the jacket and heat the water in tank. In this case, the potable water supply is isolated from the absorber plate to prevent freezing and clogging. The supplementary energy is electric heater and if the sun energy is not hot enough, the electric heater can work to ensure you always have hot water on tap.


* The system is integrated with buildings perfectly, achieving solar building integration and energy saving
* Solving the problem of not enough roof space, espcially for high-rise building
* Pressurized water tank with jacket exchanger for closed loop circulation
* Suitable for high latitude freezing area
* Reliable electric back-up with protection against dry heating and thermal cut-out
* With 5STAR quality flat solar collector and enamel water tank for long service life
* Polyurethane insulation with good heat reservation
* Totally metal flow channels made by copper
* Low failure rate and easy maintenance
* Easy operation and intelligent control

Model No.




Water Tank          

Circulation Type

Pressurized closed loop

Tank capacity




Outer tank material

Prepainted galvanized steel

Material of inner tank

Low carbon steel with vitreous enamel

Max working pressure

0.7 Mpa

Electric booster


Heat exchanger

Jacket exchanger

Solar Collector       

Model No.




Dimension L x W x T

1950 x 820 x 95mm

2440 x 820 x 95mm

2800 x 820 x 95mm

Overall area

1.6㎡ x 1pcs

2.0㎡ x 1pcs

2.3㎡ x 1pcs

Absorber material

 Full aluminum plate

Absorber coating

Blue selective coating or Selective black chrome coating

Mounting Bracket


Galvanized steel

Bracket style


Weight of overall system [kg]